A reading of Ismat Chughtai’s vibrant play Dozakh
with original music composed by Rakae Jamil

Dozakh final poster

Ismat Chughtai’s play written for the stage is a colourful roller coaster of emotions between two women Naulasi Khanum and Umdah Khanum.
Ismat’s skill as a writer is at its best in this wonderful repartee that is central to the lives of these companions.
Original music for this reading consists of two tracks composed in Raag Sarang and Raag Bahaar, composed and played by Rakae Jamil.
Mahvash Faruqi:       Naulasi Khanum
Shama Askari:           Umdah Khanum
Asma Mundrawala:  Bahu / Khairun
Music:            Rakae Jamil
Sound cues:  Seher Naveed
Direction and Sound: Asma Mundrawala

Performance dates:
25th June 2013, T2F (The Second Floor) Karachi
16th March 2014, NAPA International Theatre Festival Karachi

dozakh composite
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