On Ismat Chughtai – by Zaheda Hina

Unhein yaad karna kyun zaroori hai.

Zaheda Hina writes about Ismat Chughtai, referencing Katha Publishers’ book “Ismat: Her Life and Times”, edited by Sukrita Paul Kumar and Sadique, (2000).

photoFondly recalling her own encounters with Ismat, Zaheda Hina writes about Ismat’s indomitable spirit as a child and a young woman. She quotes from Ismat’s biography Ghubaar e Kaarvaan (tr. ‘Caravan Dust’ in the above mentioned book), writes about the attention Lihaaf received and includes extracts from Ismat’s correspondence with Manto after he came to Pakistan.

Read Zaheda Hina’s Urdu article here.


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