Shatranj ki Baazi – 5th Karachi Literature festival

Zambeel Dramatic Readings presents

Shatranj ki Baazi
adapted from Munshi Premchand’s short story*

With original music composed by Yousuf Kerai
featuring Ustaad Khurshid Hussain (tabla) and Gul Muhammad Hussain (saarangi)

ShatranjKLF for WP

Originally written in Hindi as “Shatranj ke Khilari” by Munshi Premchand and published in 1924, Shatranj ki Baazi was re titled and translated into Urdu by the author and published sometime before 1928. Set in Lucknow in the last days of Nawab Vajid Ali Shah, the story centres around the jaagirdaars (landowners) Mirza Sajjad Ali and Mir Roshan Ali, and their obsession with chess in the face of the rapidly deteriorating political, social and cultural conditions of Awadh..

Performers:              Meesam Naqvi, Nazr-ul-Hasan, Asma Mundrawala, Mahvash Faruqi
Music Direction:     Yousuf Kerai
featuring:                    Ustaad Khurshid Hussain (tabla) and Gul Mohammad Hussain (saarangi)
Sound cues:             Seher Naveed
Poster design:         Naheed Yahya
Sound design & Direction:     Asma Mundrawala

*Based on Munshi Premchand’s short story Shatranj ki Baazi with excerpts from The Chess Players (1977)

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