Taoos Chaman ki Mayna – Zambeel & OUP

Zambeel Dramatic Readings and Oxford University Press present
Naiyer Masud’s endearing tale set in Lucknow in the mid nineteenth century.

Taos Chaman ki Mayna - poster

This endearing tale by Naiyer Masud is based in Lucknow in the mid nineteenth century in the last years of Vajid Ali Shah’s reign. Initially written for children, this reworked version for adults brings to light Lucknow’s traditions and culture in a period that was undergoing rapid change. The story is narrated as a first-hand account by Kaalay Mian, a gardener employed in the royal garden (Taoos Chaman).
Performers:         Ehteshamuddin, Saife Hasan, Mahvash Faruqi, Asma Mundrawala
Sound Cues:        Seher Naveed
Direction and Sound Design:  Asma Mundrawala
Recorded crowd voices: Arsal Hasan, Ruhail Safdar, Mashhood Ali, Mojiz Hasan, (Indus Valley School)
Technical Support:         Aamir Khadim (Indus Valley School)
Performance date:          Saturday 6 July 2013, OUP Bookshop, Khalid bin Waleed Road Karachi.
To read more about Naiyer Masud and hear audio clips, visit the project page.





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