Kahaani Kahi Ik Jalay Perh Nay

A Play reading of Kijima Hajime’s short story, adapted by Khalid Ahmad

Kahaani Kahi ik Jaly Perh Nay is based on a Japanese tale written by Kijima Hajime, adapted for theatre by Manu Bharati and translated into Urdu by Khalid Ahmad. The Urdu adaptation saw its first iteration in 1992 as a theatre production staged by the first two batches of the Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture.
It now comes to life as a reading presented by Zambeel Dramatic Readings. Set in a jungle inhabited by monkeys, the story speaks of freedom of speech, manipulation and oppression. With a Queen who wishes to be immortalised and an artist who refuses to speak anything but the truth, the story advocates the artist as the true conscience of a society, whose voice, if silenced, can lead to the destruction of the society.

Zambeel Dramatic Readings is entirely grateful to Zaheer Kidwai for his assistance with the music of the play.

Performers: Asma Mundrawala, Fawad Khan, Meesam Naqvi, Shama Askari
Sound cues: Abeera Khan
Poster Design: Naheed Yahya
Sound and Direction: Asma Mundrawala
Music titles:  “Making Music” and “Water Girl” in Making Music by Zakir Hussain.