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The Art of Storytelling – Farahnaz Zahidi, The News on Sunday, 05 February 2017
Tributes paid to Ismat Chughtai, Quratulain Hyder – Dawn Metropolitan, Islamabad, 16 April 2016
Zambeel Dramatic Readings to perform Manto’s work in New Delhi – Saadia Qamar, Express Tribune, 23 February 2016
A Tribute to Progressive Women Writers –  Zoya Anwer, Dawn Metropolitan, 02 June 2015
Bundagi nama: Jaaray kay mausam ki aankh macholi – Intezar Husain, Rozenama Express, 02 March 2015
Blast from the Past– Feature on Zambeel, Zahra Chughtai, Newsline Magazine, January 2015
An Hour with Zambeel Dramatic Readings – Herald magazine Pakistan, October 2014
Dramatic Reading of Ghulam Abbas’s two stories enthrall audience – DAWN Metropolitan, 25 August 2014
A storytelling session that thrills both young and old – DAWN Metropolitan, 04 August 2014
A Recitation of Imprisonment – Encore: The News on Sunday – 06 July 2014
Faiz: Letters to the Beloved – Express Tribune 02 July 2014
Letters from Jail – Dawn 27 June 2014
Touching presentation of correspondence between Faiz and Alys – The News 27 June 2014
Molka Deo Sahab Bakery Walay. Storytelling – The News Weekly Magazine (US) 07 March 2014
A Story that came to Life – The News, 22 February 2014
People still amused by Manto’s radio plays – The News, 13 February 2014
Aao Play Dekhein – Newsline, September 2013
Aao Manto Sunein – The Friday Times Vol. XXV No.29, August 30 – September 05, 2013
Let’s Play Manto – Dawn 26 August 2013
Art of Storytelling: Manto’s radio plays illustrate the comic side of witty Urdu writer – Express Tribune 26 Aug 2013
Prose from the Past – Newsline July 2013
Oxford University Press, Zambeel Dramatic hold reading from Taoos Chaman ki MaynaThe Frontier Post 9 July 2013
Zambeel goes from short stories to plays – Express Tribune 27 June 2013
Lively readings from Ismat Chughtai’s play – The News 26 June 2013
Inseparable in hell – Dawn 26 June 2013
Celebrating Suboohi’s quaint charm with storytelling – Express Tribune 20 June 2013
Ashraf Suboohi’s sketches come to life – Dawn 20 June 2013
Of Cows and Carrots: The Fourth Karachi literature Festival – Newsline 29 March 2013
Another Tale by Zambeel – The Express Tribune 26 March 2013
The Tale of the Myna – Dawn 18 March 2013
Lady Changez Khan: Mahagha Blog on WordPress – 16 Feb 2013
“The dramatic reading of the celebrated writer Qurat-ul-Ain Haider’s short story ‘Nazzara Darmayan Hai’ was conducted by Zambeel Dramatic Readings, to celebrate its (Zambeel’s) first anniversary, at a local coffee restaurant. Before switching onto the proceedings, writer and critic Asif Farrukhi provided the audience with a brief background of Haider and her writings. He praised the writer for her evergreen and memorable works in the field of fiction writing and literature and for her focusing bold and socially strong and subtle issues. After that the three artists of the Zambeel Dramatic Readings namely Mahvash Faruqi, Asma Mundrawala and Saife Hasan presented the story. The audience appreciated the whole presentation and the content with all its explicit and implicit theme a lot and left the venue with a pleasant response.”
Excerpt from “The town echoes with the Music and Art euphoria” by Muttahir Ahmed Khan – 15 October 2012
Dramatic Readings – Pakistan Art Review (On Nazaara Darmiyaan Hai) – October 2012
Labyrinth of Imagination: The Urdu Works of Quratulain Haider –  The Express Tribune 9 October 2012
An Evening of Dramatic Reading – Dawn 8 October 2012
City Notebook – Experiencing Zambeel Dramatic Readings – The Karachi Wallah Blog 7 October 2012
Partition Brought to Life by Reading Manto – Dawn 10 September 2012
Celebrating the Afsana Through Manto – The Express Tribune 10 September 2012
T2F organises very inspiring event entitled ‘Taqseem” – Daily Times 10 September 2012
Dramatic Reading: Reading Stories of War – Dawn Books and Authors. 29 January 2012
The Journey from 1947 to 1971 Retraced – Dawn 3 November 2011
An Evening with Manto and Chughtai
Asma Mundrawala speaks to Dawn Books and Authors. 3 April 2011
Celebrating Chughtai – The Express Tribune 28 March 2011
A Tale of Two Tales – Dawn 26 March 2011

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    A minor criticism – the links on this page are not hyperlinked, and copying and pasting them into the search bar leaves the navigator hanging. Perhaps you should keep a watch out for dead links. A better idea would be to copy the articles (with permission and acknowledgemetn from the newspapers, of course) and have them available on your own website. This would obviate the need to leave your site, and dead links would not matter as the material would be linked to your own site.

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      Correction, only the last link given (“The journey…”) appears to hang. The others are fine, but as they are not hyperlinked, one has to copy and paste them into the browser.

      Apologies for the typo in my previous reply. As your website is so wonderfully proof read, I feel embarassed at having left a typographical error in my post, which leads me to ask if it would be possible to preview one’s post before submitting it, and to allow edits for say five or ten minutes after the post, as is the norm on most forums.

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