Life in the Times of Aao

If you have read or heard our rendition of Manto’s play Aao Baat tau Suno, you would have noticed a series of products that Kishore is asked to purchase for various friends, family members and neighbours on a restful Sunday.
The extensive shopping list sparked our curiosity in a direction that results in this album.
What did some of the objects / products look like in the late 30s and early 40s when the plays were written?
Here is an imagined set of possibilities.
Click on the first image below to share our discoveries.
All sources are mentioned at the bottom of the page.
Slide 2:
Slide 3: Banafsha  Cardamon Cinnamon Unaab
Slide 4: Umbrella soap –$%28KGrHqZ,!l!FBKrIqJg5BQYWs9Nm1g~~60_35.JPG
Slide 5:
Slide 6:
Slide 7: Tea tin, Tea Advertisement
Slide 8: Matchbox Platypus     Old Matchbox LabelsSlide 9:
Slide 10: Okasa Tonic
Slide 11: Okasa Newspaper advert
Slide 12: Odol Advert, Minadex,
Slide 13: One Rupee note, One Rupee coin 1945, One Rupee coin 1938, One Anna 1940, One Pice 1943, One Pice 1940
Slide 14: Parrot, Sewing Machine, Overcoat 1940
Zambeel Dramatic Readings is grateful to Srila Chatterjee for her assistance in identifying image resources.

4 Responses to Life in the Times of Aao

  1. Fizza says:

    Wow, it’s just an amazing collection. Must have done days of research on this album. 🙂

  2. rumanahusain says:

    Suno…bohut maza aaya!!

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