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Zambeel logo 11x4Integral to our work is the way we project ourselves visually. For us, design represents the essential visual identity of a performance.
On this page, we walk you through our portfolio of design masterfully created by Naheed Zahra Yahya.
The Logo
The Calligraphy for our logo was scripted by Muzzumil Ruheel, visual artist and graduate of the Beaconhouse National University in Lahore. Trained by masters of the tradition, Muzzumil composed our text in the traditional Sulus font.
The logo was brought to its final shape by Karachi based designer Naheed Z. Yahya,  who is also Associate Professor at the Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture.
The Anniversary Logo
A circular motif is created with nine repetitions of the calligraphic text to create the anniversary logo. While the first one is accentuated by a single highlighted word, the subsequent ones take on a graded appearance, with a new colour added each time to signify the anniversary year.
The radial motif derived from the calligraphic text has been incorporated in the annual bookmarks which are printed each year and available at all our events.
WP bookmarks
Taoos poster 23low
Zambeel posters carry an intrinsic unifying element in the use of a watermark, derived from the calligraphic text or the story title. Apart from this, elements of the text are used to suggest references in the story in a non illustrative manner. For instance, the dots from the word Zambeel are repositioned to suggest a chessboard in the poster for Shahtranj ki Baazi. Or the letter laam is repeated to create a fence in the stories on Partition by Manto, in the poster for Taqseem. Apart from a few, all posters have been designed by Naheed Z. Yahya.
From the Archives
01 Ismat 2011
Very few of our friends may remember the very first of our posters, designed when Zambeel did not exist and the reading we presented at T2F in March 2011 was just a playful venture amongst friends. Nevertheless we designed an announcement poster which is centered around Muzzumil Ruheel’s beautiful calligraphy of the title of our very first project: Ismat Chughtai kay Saath aik Shaam. This performance was presented again in the same year on the 25th of September, when we officially gave Zambeel Dramatic Readings its name and identity.
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  1. NV says:

    I love Ruheel’s calligraphy, esp. ‘Ismat Chugtai ke saath…’ one, would love to do the poster for your next Ismat event with that. Please let me know 🙂 (from Bangalore)

  2. Thank you NV! Great to see your comment from across the border. Please keep visiting! Sure, we hope there will be many opportunities to collaborate.

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