Dozakh at WOW Festival

Salt Arts presents Zambeel Dramatic Readings at WOW Karachi
A reading of Ismat Chughtai’s vibrant play
with original music by Rakae Jamil














Ismat Chughtai’s play Dozakh written for the stage is a vibrant roller coaster of emotions between two elderly women Naulasi Khanum and Umdah Khanum. Ismat’s skill as a writer is at its best in this wonderful repartee that is central to the lives of these companions. Her use of colloquial language adds to the fabric of this deceptively simple yet immensely layered plot that adeptly situates the play’s inherent sense of anxiety and loneliness with its more agile moments. The actors have met the challenges of reading this play by investing their roles with the complexity this text demands, without the support of theatrical props, stage and settings.
The original score for Dozakh, composed and played by Rakae Jamil, consists of two tracks in Raag Sarang and Raag Bahaar.

Mahvash Faruqi as Naulasi Khanum, Shama Askari as Umdah Khanum, Asma Mundrawala as Bahu & Khairun
Music: Rakae Jamil
Sound cues: Danish Faruqi
Direction: Asma Mundrawala

Date: Sunday 01 May 2016, at 2.15 pm
Venue: Poolside Garden, Beach Luxury Hotel Karachi