Molka Deo Sahab Bakery Walay

Zambeel Dramatic Readings at the Children’s Literature Festival Karachi

Molka Deo Sahab Bakery Walay
a short story by Musharraf Ali Farooqi

A story full of fun-filled laughter for young and old.
With live singing!


Join Zambeel Dramatic Readings in this playful tale of Molka the giant and his dream to start a bakery in a new town. With a fantastic menu of bread rolls, biscuits and buns, can he win over the town inhabitants with his skills as the aroma of his baked goods envelopes the city? And how will poor Mr Taalu Baal escape his wife’s watchful eye and get a bite from the delicious menu?

Performers: Nazr-ul-Hasan, Mahvash Faruqi, Meesam Naqvi and Asma Mundrawala
Songs written by: Zara Mumtaz (Agahi Theatre)
Music and songs performed by: Danish Faruqi, Zeerak Ahmed and the rest of the cast
Direction:     Asma Mundrawala

Date and Venue:
21st and 22nd February 2014, Manzar Akber Hall, Arts Council Karachi.

Read more about the Zambeel Team for Molka Deo on the CLF webpage.