Samundar ki Chori – Tentative Collective

A city next to the sea awakens to a strange phenomenon.
Asif Farrukhi’s story addresses a very tangible ecological concern in a subtle and unassuming manner, highlighting the very complex psyche and fabric of Karachi.

As part of Tentative Collective-led project ‘Projections’
Zambeel Dramatic Readings presents
Samundar Tentative (aaaa i interefered all over the place)-01









The Tentative Collective is a collective of people who share resources to create collaborative works of art in everyday urban spaces. The collaboration started in Karachi, Pakistan in December, 2011.
About ‘Projections’: Drawing on everyday practices, artists, curators and creative practitioners will enact their own ephemeral projections in the city. The projections will take the form of luminous moving imagery, urban transference, performance of desires, evocation of memories, and playful engagements with architectural forms, spatial configurations and experiential modes. And through these intersecting projections we ask how we can momentarily inhabit each other’s imagination-each other’s city?

Performers: Ehteshamuddin, Mahvash Faruqi, Fawad Khan, Asma Mundrawala
Sound Cues: Hajra Haider
Music: Danish Faruqi
Flute composition: Vijay Kannan
Sound Design and Direction: Asma Mundrawala
Credits for Noha: Ustad Bismillah Khan, “Noha”, Meeting a Milestone, Tips Cassettes and Records, 1991

Date and Venue: Monday 9th February 2015, 5pm,
At the seaside, Seaview, behind Dolmen Mall, Karachi.