Dhal Gaya Hijr ka Din

Letters by Faiz Ahmed Faiz and Alys Faiz


Dhal Gaya Hijr ka Din presents a selection from the correspondence between Faiz Ahmed Faiz and his wife Alys Faiz when he, along with several other individuals, was imprisoned and tried under the Rawalpindi Conspiracy (Special Tribunal) Act 1951. He was sentenced to four years and spent time in different jails between 1951 and 1955.
The correspondence began after the initial period of solitary confinement was over and the prisoners were transported to Hyderabad.
The letters represent years of hardship, struggle and loneliness that both Faiz and Alys suffered during this time period. Yet they reflect a spirit of resilience and optimism that helped them see those years through. They were preserved by Alys and published in the form of two separate books. While the letters were written originally in English, Faiz translated his own letters in Urdu at the request of Mirza Zafar ul Hasan in 1971. His letters were published under the title Saleebain Meray Dareechay Mein, and Alys’ letters in English were compiled and published as Dear Heart – to Faiz in Prison.
Zambeel Dramatic Readings is proud to welcome two distinguished guest actors Khalid Ahmad and Nimra Bucha to read this selection of touching letters, imbued with delight, melancholy, hope and despair.
We are entirely grateful to Zaheer Kidwai for his contribution towards the selection of music for this reading.
A special thanks for his continued support and encouragement.

Performers: Khalid Ahmad, Nimra Bucha
Production Manager: Mahvash Faruqi
Sound cues: Meesam Naqvi
Script compilation and Direction: Asma Mundrawala

Date and Venue:
Thursday 26th June 2014, T2F (The Second Floor), 10-C, Sunset Lane 5, Phase 2 Ext. DHA, Karachi.