Aadaab Arz!

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Here we aim to introduce you to our work, keep you updated with our forthcoming projects and welcome your feedback.

Zambeel Dramatic Readings aims to present texts in Urdu and English rendered in their dramatised form, to create a dynamic collusion between literature and performance.
Referencing traditions of storytelling and the contemporary form of the radio play, our works traverse time and geographical boundaries to interpret and enliven narratives through sound and recitation.

ZAMBEELNAAMAEpisode 64 – February 2022

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25 Responses to Aadaab Arz!

  1. Shabnam Abdullah says:

    Congratulations to you all for providing us with such a wonderful platform and enriching us with beautiful selections and profound readings

  2. hoori says:

    Wonderful ! keep up the good work and looking forward to your next project.


  3. Kummi Chagtai Niazi says:

    So proud of you. Ismat Chagtai was my phuppi but you have done so much to carry her work forward. Kummi

  4. NV says:

    I’m sure you know of Dastangoi in India, the duo who have taken up to revive it…would you not love to collaborate with them? And produce some videos that people can see anywhere in the world?

  5. Yes of course we know of them and had the privilege of meeting them and attending a performance when they visited Karachi for a short trip. Certainly options around the work are always open and welcome. As for the videos, we are thinking about how best to move in that direction. Thank you for your interest, and do keep us updated with your views.

  6. Hussain Farooqui says:

    Very good contributions towards the cultural developments of our society.

  7. Kaleem Durrani says:

    Dear Zambeel Walas,
    I am an ardent supporter of your Zambeel Dramatic Readings.
    Can we take this activity to other parts of the City
    Can you arrange reading in Sindhi Language
    Best wishes
    Kaleem Durrani

    • Dear Kaleem Sahab,
      Thank you for your interest and appreciation for our work. We would be happy to consider taking our work to other parts of the city and welcome any suggestions you might have on the subject. Please email us your suggestions at zambeelreadings@gmail.com
      We do wish we were more fluent in Sindhi to consider performing in such a beautiful language, but regretfully admit our shortcomings in this aspect.
      Our very best wishes to you.

  8. fehmina khan says:

    I wish zambeel productions many years of success.

  9. fehmina khan says:

    Congratulations to you all on your hard work and we wish zambeel productions many years of success.

  10. Munira says:

    I have recently begun to educate myself in Urdu (my Urdu education has been dismal) and am currently reading a collection of short stories by Ismat Chughtai and rather enjoying it. My very first story was ‘Ghoonghat’, loved it, and immediately proceeded to tweet it and narrate the story as status updates on Facebook 🙂 Pleased to report that a lot of my Indian friends are loving the fact that I’m writing out the story in Roman Urdu so they can read it and understand!
    I attended your dramatic reading of ‘Nazara Darmiyan’ yesterday (after a friend enlightened us) and loved it.
    Just found out that you had read ‘Ghoonghat’ too and am sad that I missed it. Perhaps you will do a repeat performance? Keeping my fingers crossed!

  11. Hi Munira, thank you so much for your appreciation. We are really happy to learn that word is spreading and people beyond our circle of friends are coming to hear our readings. Yes, Ghoonghat was the very first story we read early last year. The success of that event essentially set the ball rolling for us. Can’t say whether we will be reading it again in the near future, but do let us have your email address and we’ll keep you posted. Our email address is mentioned on all our pages on this blog. Good to hear from you. Do spread the word and let interested people know about our efforts. All best!

  12. Amin Haq says:

    Thank you very much for putting together a masterfully crafted performance. Your interpretation of “Taoos…” was the right balance of lyrical and dramatic. Splendid work!

  13. Thank you Amin Haq for your appreciative comments. We look forward to your presence in our future projects.

  14. Mustafa says:

    Keep up the good work. Your effort and hard work is much appreciated.
    Good luck and all the best.


  15. Wequar Azeem says:

    A dear friend from Karachi Syed Muslehuddin Rezvi forwarded this site to me in New York. All I can say is that I am delighted beyond measure at his gifted discovery. Thanks ever so much for offering such refreshing experience for visiting the past. I read the pictorial walk-through of Taoos chaman. Without meaning to complain, I confess it left an unsatiated longing. Will there be more coming through ?
    Wequar Azeem

  16. Thank you Mr Azeem for your wonderful response. I’m so glad the pictures were able to create an atmosphere close to the story. To answer your query, I’m sure there are many more images out there that can be integrated and there are a few I have struggled unsuccessfully to find. I think we can look at this as an on-going project and keep adding our discoveries as we come across them. Do visit the rest of our pages, especially the Audio section under Multimedia.
    Best wishes,
    Asma Mundrawala

  17. Lubna Ramay says:

    Would live to be a part of Zambeel dramatic readings

  18. Imrana Aeni Naeem says:

    Awesome work..:)) so proud of you.

  19. Muzammal Afzal says:

    guys u were superb at frere hall!!! no words

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