Lady Changez Khan & Pom Pom Darling – Zambeel and OUP

Zambeel Dramatic Readings and Oxford University Press present
Lady Changez Khan & Pom Pom Darling

Presenting two short stories by Ismat Chughtai and Quratulain Hyder
featuring Ghoonghat and Nazaara Darmiyaan Hai

Zambeel Poster-corrections

This selection of stories brings together the works of two masters of Urdu Literature, Ismat Chughtai and Quratulain Hyder. The curious title refers to the names both writers bestowed upon each other during the course of their literary careers. Ismat Chughtai referred to Quratulain Hyder as Pom Pom Darling in one of her essays that criticised her writing, while Quratulain Hyder in an obituary essay for Ismat respectfully named her as the Lady Changez Khan of Urdu literature.

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Ghoonghat (by Ismat Chughtai) touches upon notions of pride and arrogance that supersede the importance of personal relations. Masterfully woven by the author, the narrative speaks of the superficiality of traditions and customs and the false pride that rules the lives of the protagonists Kalay Mian and Gori Bi over a span of thirty years. Humorously told, yet intensely reflective of deep sorrow, this short story is skillful in its poignant simplicity.

Nazaara Darmiyaan Hai (by Quratulain Hyder) is a deftly woven tale that addresses human emotions of love and betrayal. Set in Bombay, the story gives us an insight into the lives of the protagonists Khurshid Aalam, Almaas Begum and the young and spirited Parsi girl Peroja Dastoor through the eyes of the housemaid Tara Bai.

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Performers:  Mahvash Faruqi and Asma Mundrawala
Direction:     Asma Mundrawala
Sound cues:  Hajra Haider

Nazaara Darmiyaan Hai
Performers:           Asma Mundrawala, Mahvash Faruqi and Saife Hasan
Direction:              Asma Mundrawala
Sound cues:          Hajra Haider
Original music:    Musadiq Sanwal (for Nazaara Darmiyaan Hai)

Date and Venue:
30th November 2013, OUP Bookshop, Khalid bin Waleed Road Karachi

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