Sheeshay ka Slipper

Zambeel Dramatic Readings presents Sheeshay ka Slipper | Texts by Ibne Said















Mirza Hasan Askari
(1924-2005), born in Ludhyana, was a veteran journalist and analyst. He wrote short stories under the pseudonym of Ibne Said during the years 1944 to 1960. These stories appeared in renowned literary journals such as Saqi, Adab-e-latif, and Mah-e-nau. He was a contemporary of the renowned author Quratulain Hyder.
Said’s stories may be comparable to snapshots or moments frozen in time, wherein every angle is minutely explored through a lens. His work is atmospheric, never maudlin or emotional. His writings are humanistic, foregrounding his paramount belief in the dignity of mankind.
The title for this project is derived from the reference to the glass slipper in Ibne Said’s essay on Quratulain Hyder. This project presents this essay along with Quratulain Hyder’s autobiographical essay in conversation with each other, under the title Sheeshay ka Slipper.
Roshnioan ka Shehr is an extract from his novella of the same title. This post colonial narrative addresses the lives and experiences of Pakistani immigrants living in London. Neem Tareek Raahain is a deeply atmospheric short story that traces the aspirations of a young extra actress, who desires to climb the ladder of success in the Pakistani film industry.

Performers: Saife Hasan, Meesam Naqvi, Asma Mundrawala
Music composed by: Danish Faruqi
Sound & Direction: Asma Mundrawala

Poster Design: Naheed Yahya