To mark Saadat Hasan Manto’s birth centenary Zambeel Dramatic Readings present

Taqseem – Writings on Partition by Manto
Siyaah Haashiay – Gurmukh Singh ki Vasiyat

Siyah Haashiyay is a set of 32 vignettes, each reflecting ironical perspectives on human nature in the background of the Partition violence.
Gurmukh Singh ki Vasiyat draws a silent and chilling picture of the circumstances of one family as it finds itself isolated in increasingly troubled times.
Performance Credits
Performed by:                        Mahvash Faruqi, Asma Mundrawala, Saife Hasan
Sound cues:                            Seher Naveed
Sound Design & Direction: Asma Mundrawala
Poster design:                        Naheed Z. Yahya
Performance dates:
Saturday 8 September 2012, T2F (The Second Floor) Karachi
Saturday 15 September 2012, Centre of Biomedical Ethics and Culture, SIUT Karachi
Saturday 8 December 2012, 5th Annual Urdu Conference, Arts Council Karachi
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