Bazm e Suboohi

Ashraf Suboohi’s picturesque tales set in mid nineteenth century Delhi

preceded by an introduction by Asif Aslam Farrukhi

Suboohi FINAL poster

Ashraf Suboohi’s characteristic portrayal of the customs and culture of Delhi in the mid nineteenth century references traditions of folklore and storytelling in these two short stories.
Deevani Apa reflects the life of a naive sixty year old woman who is a beloved household name for many families in the neighborhood.
Sahib Aalam portrays the respectful relationship between Sahib Aalam and Bankay Mirza and the uncanny decisions these men take in the name of honour.
The title of this production is borrowed from the book Bazm e Suboohi. Ashraf Suboohi Dehlvi ki Numainda Tehriroan ka Intekhaab, (Schehrzade, Karachi, 2008), with the kind permission of Asif Farrukhi.
LISTEN TO AUDIO FILE: Asif Farrukhi on Ashraf Suboohi
Ashraf Suboohi’s sketches come to life
Dawn 20 June 2013
Celebrating Suboohi’s quaint charm with storytelling – Express Tribune 20 June 2013
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Performers:         Mahvash Faruqi, Asma Mundrawala
Sound Cues:        Seher Naveed
Poster Design:    Asma Mundrawala
Recorded voices: Maliha Ahmed, Shama Askari
Direction and Sound Design:  Asma Mundrawala
Performance dates:
Wednesday 19th June 2013, T2F Karachi
Thursday 5th September, OAKS Karachi Chapter, Karachi