2011 marks the fortieth anniversary of the 1971 war that led to the creation of Bangladesh. As part of the Vasl Artists’ Collective and the Citizens Archive of Pakistan (CAP) led initiative that examined the transformation of the subcontinent, Zambeel Dramatic Readings presented two short stories under the title Shigaaf.
The Body written in Bangla by Afsan Chowdhury and translated into English by Sabreena Ahmed is the chilling narrative of the ravages of war as experienced by the widow Maaloti and her two children.
Tishnagi by Masood Mufti is set in rural Bangladesh three days after the creation of the country. It speaks of the disturbing psychological impact of war and violence on the minds of the young boy Manju and his two friends as they encounter death on a daily basis.

Performed by: Mahvash Faruqi, Saife Hasan and Asma Mundrawala
Poster design: Naheed Z. Yahya
Sound cues:    Hajra Haider
Sound Design and Direction:  Asma Mundrawala
Performance dates:
2 November 2011, Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture, Karachi
24 January 2012, T2F, Karachi
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