Kalaghoda Festival Mumbai

Zambeel logo 11x4Zambeel Dramatic Readings     participated in collaboration with the Urduwallas in Mumbai,                                         at the Kalaghoda Festival on 2 February 2013.

Our presence was marked by contributing a recording of Saadat Hasan Manto’s story Khol Do, shown during a session of readings Manto Nama – An Evening with Saadat Hasan Manto.

We are grateful to the Urduwallas for creating this opportunity to collaborate with them.

Performed by Mahvash Faruqi.
Saturday 2 February 2013, David Sassoon Library Gardens, Kala Ghoda, Mumbai
Zambeel Dramatic Readings is grateful to Musadiq Sanwal for facilitating the video.

Mahvash Faruqi’s rendition of Manto’s Khol Do receives appreciation.

“The Urduwallahs collaborated with their friends in Pakistan ‘Zambeel Dramatic Readings’ who sent a video clip with the narration of one of Manto’s story titled “Khol do”(Open it) which brought out the elements of partition and obscenity. The strength of the narration mesmerized the captive audience and at the culmination of the story there was a reverberating round of applause.”

Read the Urduwallahs blog Mantonama in Retrospect, published 03 March, 2013

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