Friends of ZDR

Welcome to the updated “Friends of Zambeel Dramatic Readings” page listing links to sites that share an interest in Urdu and Literature.

23748_242127325919658_1959755297_nIntroducing Faiz e Zabaan, a non-profit organization for the promotion of Urdu language and literature.
Faiz e Zabaan’s Media Catalogue looks for Urdu language and literature related news/articles/columns from around the world and catalogues it daily.
The news items are collected by the sub-project called Khabaryaabi, whereas the articles, reviews and columns are recorded by the sub-project called Fehrist. This information is updated daily in the Shab-namah which may be subscribed via email and viewed online and on Facebook.
Visit their website:


cropped-1175981_3772258621The Urduwallahs are a young duo based in Mumbai who are keen to learn, understand and discuss Urdu. Through the process of acquiring Urdu diplomas, both Priya and Arwa have been discovering the delightful treasure trove that Urdu offers.
They hold regular meetings at the Prithvi Theatre in Mumbai and discuss poetry and prose and often call in distinguished guest speakers to participate in the sessions. “A theatre performance, a poetry reading, a visiting poet, an interview with a writer, whatever little Urdu trudges with a walking stick in Mumbai we want to be there to cover it”. 
The Urduwallahs have held formal readings of Urdu texts as well, the latest of which has been the Kalaghoda Festival in Mumbai, in which Zambeel Dramatic Readings contributed a recorded reading of Saadat Hasan Manto’s Khol Do, read by Mahvash Faruqi.
Visit their website:

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