Arey Kishore – Aao Baat tau Suno!

WP Aao slideshow titleIf you have read or heard our rendition of Manto’s play Aao Baat tau Suno, you could not possibly have missed the infinite list of chores Kishore is expected to complete on a restful Sunday.
From his wife’s herbal medicines and everyday shopping, to his father’s random requests for shoelaces, cough syrup and tobacco, and from his neighbour’s grocery list to his brother Gopal’s school supplies, Kishore can only consider ending his life by the end of the day. He must be credited however, for remembering each item, which we witness through his frenetic monologue at his friend Narayan’s place.
The list, extensive as it may have been, has sparked our curiosity into looking for some of the objects and what they may have appeared to be like in the late 1930s and early 1940s. One cannot promise that these results are accurate, but this set of images puts together products, advertisements and objects from that period of time in a part fictitious, part historical collage.
Zambeel Dramatic Readings is grateful to Srila Chatterjee for her assistance in identifying some of the image resources.

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Zambeel Dramatic Readings aims to present texts in Urdu and English rendered in their dramatised form, to create a dynamic collusion between literature and performance. Referencing traditions of storytelling and the contemporary form of the radio play, our works traverse time and geographical boundaries to interpret and enliven narratives through sound and recitation.
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