Yeh Hai Taoos Chaman!

As Darogha Nabi Bakhsh escorts Kalay Mian to Nawab Vajid Ali’s Shah’s splendid gardens, we get an idea about the king’s keen interest in uniquely designed landscapes. Asad Chaman (the tiger Garden) is distinctive in the naming of each tree and Taoos Chaman is characterised by its trees sculpted in the form of peacocks. We can allow our imagination to picture such a wondrous sight and share Kalay Mian’s amazement as he hears the Darogha speak about the King’s gardens.
Taoos SOUNDCLOUDHear this section from the story in this excerpt:

Yeh Hai Taoos Chaman!

Naiyer Masud introduces us to Taoos Chaman and by that virtue to Vajid Ali Shah,  who despite being a tangential figure in the story is represented neither as the debauched king that many historical accounts presented him as, nor a larger than life king. The author instead, according to Asif Farrukhi presents the king as a human being.
Taoos SOUNDCLOUDHear Asif’s Farrukhi speak about Naiyer Masud, his writing and his representation of Vajid Ali Shah in this clip:

Taoos Chaman ki Mayna

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  1. Abbas Jafferi says:

    Amazing contents. To me it is reincarnation
    Of interest in Urdu literature whose last rites appears to be performed under Western influence on our culture on Pakistan

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