Naiyer Masud

naiyer-masud2Naiyer Masud is both a scholar of Persian and Urdu and a short story writer. So far he has published four collections of stories (Seemiya, ‘Itr-e Kafur, Ta’us Chaman ki Mayna and Ganjefa) comprising a total of 33 stories, plus a few more in sundry literary magazines since his last collection. Two selections of his stories in English translation have appeared in the US, Essence of Camphor (The New Press, 1999) and Snake Catcher (Interlink, 2006; Penguin 2006). The former was later translated into Finnish, French, and Spanish. Penguin, as The Occult: A Novel in Five Stories, will publish an English translation of his first collection, Seemiya, in 2013. In 2007, Masud received the Saraswati Samman, India’s highest literary award. (1)
(1) Introduction extracted from:
Muhammad Umar Memon, “COLUMN: Naiyer Masud: A passionate but calm realist of the strange”,, accessed 09 March 2013,
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Read Naiyer Masud’s son Timsal Masud’s response on our forthcoming reading of Taoos Chaman ki Mayna.

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