Aao Manto Sunein

Rehearsals are underway for our next reading of Saadat Hasan Manto’s plays Aao.
Manto wrote several plays under this title for radio in the 40s, adding to his rich repertoire of Urdu plays, essays and short stories.
The playful banter of the central characters Kishore and his wife Lajwanti and their friend Narayan offer light hearted entertainment in various situations of their own making. Whether it is the case of a missing parcel, or a household activity of playing cards or writing a story, the threesome find themselves in often comical situations.
We are attempting to emulate the radio play this time by generating live sounds during the performance. Different from our previous approach where recording sounds enhanced the readings, we plan to create the sounds in the performance space during the reading.
We are pleased to add that we have a guest reader for this performance. Ehteshamuddin who shares a theatre background with us is also a television director and script writer. Hopefully this new possibility allows for new ideas and possibilities in our forthcoming work. Do let us know how you found the reading once you’ve heard it on the 5th.

About zambeeldramaticreadings

Zambeel Dramatic Readings aims to present texts in Urdu and English rendered in their dramatised form, to create a dynamic collusion between literature and performance. Referencing traditions of storytelling and the contemporary form of the radio play, our works traverse time and geographical boundaries to interpret and enliven narratives through sound and recitation.
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